what is it? 

"One hell of a showcase event for brides + grooms + curious seekers of a fresh vision in wedding planning "

I was so disappointed when I figured out that I wasn't going to be able to attend last month's hippest bridal event, probably ever. I had some other plan already in place {what... I can't even remember at this point- short term memory loss } 

Hitched, the collaborative work of some of our area's most talented visual artists, party planners, collectors of cool, harbingers of hip....was, not surprisingly, a  beautiful effort chocked full of fantastic party/wedding ideas. From the tabletops to the pastel streamered, photo backdrop {below}, It's all just screams of originality and par tay. Check it out:: 


an array of letter pressed stationary and calligraphy::

My favorite are all of the table top displays::


but then the sun went down and the dj started playing that 808  and the party turned it up a notch. 

confetti snow angel

and if you're thinking, 'But this is soo up my alley! I can't believe I missed it. Will they be doing another one??' well ,yes. funny you ask. Coming in January, Hitched takes it to the desert. The Ace Hotel in  Palm Springs that is.  Get the skinny and the low down right here.

but wait, there's more! 

check out this great little super 8 film by videographer, Sharkpig::


all photos via:: yes, please


Ivy Lane said…
that would be a great event even if you are not getting hitched! I would go and get some great party ideas!
Elisa said…
Ahh!! Love the picture with flowers in empty tin cans. Love love love. I need to find a way to use that...
How fun does that look?!! I had to come out of hiding and say that the dj you had pictured, dj'd our wedding and he was AMAZING!!! Completely made the night!!

Wow, it's picture perfect! I can't imagine that it would be anything less with all that talent!
Charlotta Ward said…
Hello hello! We are back from my beloved Sweden and basking in the Sydney sun again.

Read your post last night but didn't have a chance to comment.. What a lovely gallery of inspiration. Shame you missed the event.
I love the table top pictures! Am so stealing my kids' toy animals and spraying them gold..! (You think I am joking...)

Have a great Halloween weekend!

Hugs from Sydney
x Charlotta
Brittany Stiles said…
Holy cow I love this! I've said it before and I'll say it again...you find the coolest stuff. Thanks!

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