This Week on the Skirted Round Table:: A date with Nate

We're back! and this week discussing the great Nate-debated/debacle 

"Dear Bloggers,
We've been reading your posts...laughing at your stories, learning from leads, loving your wisdom around The Nate Show offices. Since we've gleaned so much from each of you, we wanted to host a special Nate Blogger Day! We are thrilled to announce the date has been set; on September 21st at 2:45pm, the Nate Show will be entirely filled with Design Bloggers....."

Were you on the, 'invite list' to Nate Berkus' blogger audience infused show? Did you go? Did you care? Did you go just because it was a great reason to get together with other bloggers? Or did you go with the hopes of being seen and are irked because no mention was made of your presence.

Initially I thought it seemed like a way to play on the ole blogger ego, 'build it and they will come' thus ensuing a big,  free promotional vehicle for Nate, via the bloggers.  I thought, 'who would pay to go see him? shouldn't these bloggers be comped at the very least for all of their expenses?' But as it turned out, Nate narely mentioned those bloggers who went...except between taping.

Some were unhappy about this, but others felt that the show was ancillary to the real reason they came - to network, and socialize with other bloggers.

Linda, Joni and I weigh in on the subject and invite, Southern Hospitality blogger, Rhoda Montgomery to join us in the conversation. Rhoda was actually there, and shares with us her experience and thoughts. 

Come on over and grab a glass or a cup, and pull up a chair @ The Skirted Round Table.


Unknown said…
Heading over now. I went to one of the very first tapings..not the controversial "Nate-gate", but I did go with a gaggle of design bloggers...not expecting anything except the meet up experience, which was really great. That being said, the show was underwhelming. And not to turn this comment into a post, but my friend and fellow blogger, Hamptontoes was interviewed for a whole segment entitled "house proud" which aired last week, with NO mention of her blog at all, it could have at least been on the screen under the segment (shrugs)!

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