tick tock, last chance to enter your name in the West Third Brand giveaway

WHAT? you haven't entered the give away yet? why the heck not? whaddya got to lose? 


'oh, I'm fine with my grocery store bought,  room sprays that smell like fake cranberries with a touch of plastic or someone's version of  'fresh linen'' 

 then you need to be schooled in the science/art of olafacation. Some of us are born with White Fang senses, others need to be taught. For the intricacies of a fine fragrance are on par with a fine wine and  can only be created using the best oils and scents. West Third Brand is one of those masterful fine fragrance lines {and I speak from the heart, as I sit here burning a favorite candle of theirs}  

The giveaway is for the Octobery smelling room + body spray: Vanille de Santos from the  Société de Senteurs Home & Body Spray collection.

Maybe you think you'll never win. Well, you sure as hell won't if you don't enter. So last chance. Enter now. Right here, below. Today.  Leave a comment {yep, that's it} 


wait Missy, I left a comment...no link on this to the giveaway? I'm so confused...I think that deserves a room spray, don't you? ;)
Jody said…
I'd be up for winning something that smells good.
72 and sunny said…
PHB, that's it! you're entered! I should go back and add a link to the original post though. good point. glad someone's looking out for me.

Jody, you're in too!
joy said…
I'm a little afraid I might win and then be addicted to fine scents. I can't stand the cheap scents found everywhere else. Your blog is beautiful, by the way.
g.c. pickering said…
i love room fragrance. Am burning lavender right now, but i bet this is better.

Great Blog - i read every day!
I hail from the White Fang pack myself.
Essence of grocery-bought Glad-ay hits me like an assault.
Besides, the labels on these look so pretty ; )
Cheers, Alcira

Josie said…
My house reaks like old mildew because it was built in the 40's. I could DEFINITELY use a good room spray!
Anonymous said…
I just received an email yesterday from my sister-in-law who lives in LA about this brand of candle and how fabulous it is. I would be thrilled to enter you give away!

I'm a faithful reader of your blog. I dream of living in southern cali one day in a beach house like yours.
Sarah said…
Hey Megan! big fan, love the SRT...and I LOVE fragrance whether it be a candle or perfume...I need new perfume desperately!! I'm in!! thanks for the chance!! :))

PS: I LOVE your new white floors!
Cheryl said…
I would love a delicious gift from West Third Brand!!! Thank you~
Patti Friday said…
Canadian girls love this type of product. Just sayin'
Karena said…
This scent sounds delightful!! Thanks Megan!

Art by Karena
Thanks for allowing entries from this post! One of these scents would be so nice in my home!
Trish said…
I like good smelling giveaways!

Sheila said…
Count me in, please!
Love your blog, giveaway notwithstanding!
Emma said…
My old housemate knew the importance of a great scent and has me addicted to jo Malone. Sadly it's out of my price range. This migt just cure those scent blues!
I think I need this room spray.....it sounds clean, fresh and wonderful.......
Unknown said…
Consider this a comment.... lol

I would love to win this. Thanks!
Unknown said…
I don't know if my last comment went through.... But I would love to win this!
Hope Canadian girls can enter the contest too..... :)


Thanks! - Samara
swedecollection said…
I am very interested in the West Third Brand products. Love to try them.
DolceDreams said…
Not only does this look divine, it sounds like it smells divine too! I would love to be entered in the give~away!

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