Finger In The Nose

...the hyper chic French kid's clothing line that carries au courant staples such as nylon pea coats, long sleeve tees with burned out graphics, tapered tartan cigarette pants, little blunnie boots and leopard 'fur' swing coats. 


Get the idea? A little British punk meets, French vintage thrift, meets Exeter, meets old school Woolrich, stirred with care into one sartorial love child. 

I think I'll create a kids line and call it, 'Mouth Breathing While Eating'. deets to come.

In the mean time, check out Finger In The Nose


Aimless Olive said…
wow, if only I were 8 again...or my girls, for that matter! My daughters would have been ALL OVER this line!! And I'd like the grown-up size of those 1st two looks, please!
Can't for the 'Mouth Breathing While Eating' collection! ;)
Karen said…
Ah well, not sure about the name of the line but like the clothes and the little blonde kid who has been in Toyota Highlander commercials of late.
This is adorbs and you are hilarious -- mouth breathing while eating -- it's got a catchy ring it and it's a good visual.
Cheers, Alcira
Charlotta Ward said…
Love it! Total kidlet attitude with so much style!

'Mouthbreathing Whilst Eating'..!! Yes!
And perhaps establish a PR team branded 'Talk whilst you chew!'

Have a relaxing weekend M. Thinking of you! xx


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