The house that Emerson Made

photo credit:: Leslie Shewring / a creative mint

Well first of all, I want to thank each of you. Each of you who, reached out,  sent a note of love and support and each of you that held my family + me in their thoughts. I never thought that this blog thing (or "Block business" as my father referred to it ) could provide such  comfort, could prove to be a true community of people who care about one another. And this recent experience has just taken it to a level that I'd never expected. So thank you. I feel a connection with you all that I had never known existed. Or maybe never allowed myself to know. Your words have helped me, tremendously.

And because my father was a guy who would rather talk about good design and art, than anything else, let's do it.


I know that this adorable couple has been getting a ton of blog coverage lately. I mean, look at them. Please.  And if you peruse their website you'll see, that J Crew, Anthro (insert your favorite catalog selling lifestyle via clothing ) couldn't do a better job at creating an enviable, 'love of the simple life' photo spread. 

Ryan and Emerson, are the creative couple behind Emerson Made; a company that began with hand made linen flowers and blossomed into a clothing line.

Besides being in the business of crafting fashionable flower brooches and ( skirts with pockets, and super cool tuxedo pants,  among many other pieces)

 oh and, big ups for promoting men wearing big flowers.

 They also have a country  house in New Hampshire..... Check it out >>

The couple purchased this old, New Hampshire Mill  in '08 and moved on up from NYC to dwell among their ducks and chickens.  

Their home is an eclectic mix of  found treasures, from flea markets to auctions to roadsides. 

 I know much has been said and poo-pooed about using books as merely set dressing (and I have no clue if they actually do read these ). But I love the heaps of blue vintage hardbacks. It's great, color blocked still life, as far as I'm concerned.


great and simple idea. Linen with a hand stenciled monogram. Thinking this would be wonderful for a Thanksgiving table runner.

I'm not sure that I've ever seen a rifle look so charming.

And then there's their pantry.

 ohhh, their pantry. the sight of this organized, beautiful space brings a tear to my eye and a warmth in my chest.

what's not to love about navy monogrammed bedding?

Aren't these beds great? And perfectly simple design for a guest room in a country house.

and of course the laundry room looks like this (unlike my own which is currently so overwhelming, with heaps of folded clothing in need of being put away)The couple also sells the bunting and the garland, below, on their site.

say what you will say....

I'm completely ready to fold it all in and move to the country. Or just wear giant flowers where ever I go. It seems to make one's whole life a little, tongue in cheek, cheerier. And what's not to love about that?

More to get lost in on their official site Emerson Made dot com


The pantry of my dreams! Too cool, all.
24 Corners said…
Dear Megan...I'm so very sorry to hear about your father...your tribute to him was touching and lovely, one to make any "daddy" proud. Your love of design and talent very clearly, was in the blood. My heart goes out to you and your family...prayers and comfort to you all.
There seems to be a lot of pain in blog world right now and the beauty of this medium has shown itself to not only be in the images that are shown and written about but very much so in the hearts of those doing the writing and showing the images, such a blessing.

Now on to Emerson! I've never seen her home, just her clothing...and I'm picking myself up off the floor right's amazing. I'm going to have to visit often! Very cheery, happy and all of the above.

Take care...
xo Jessica
Great post, love the leopard coat, and the flowers are just beautiful. On a personal note, my condolences on your papa's passing.
With comfort,
Great post, love the leopard coat, and the flowers are just beautiful. On a personal note, my condolences on your papa's passing.
With comfort,
Lisa Porter said…
Love what Emerson ( and her adorable hubby) made! I know, pretty cool country house too, right?
Aimless Olive said…
Hey Megan~ still thinking of you and your family as you work to get back into the routine of life, after the passing of your Dad. xox

As for Emerson Made...I have been a fan for just over a year now, and HOLY COW...their business has EXPLODED since then!!! The tongue & cheek clever bloggin', the gorgeous duo that is Ryan & Emerson, their brilliant marketing, and the 'MUST-HAVES' they has been extremely cool to watch this little fashion house make a substantial name for themselves.
mary said…
I think their is definitely a love story. The home is so peaceful and collected. I wish that my office would hurry up and arrange itself like their pantry. Blessings.
Paula Masterman said…
Glad to see you back in the saddle, stylish as it is...

This place is pure eye-candy! My pantry isn't as exposed as this one is, but I have to say, after my storage makeover this summer, it's pretty darn close - just behind cabinet doors. I love my mason jars - great for leftovers in the fridge, too.

Another thing that caught my eye...the tray holding the outdoor boots (next to the rifle) - brilliant! What a way to contain the country clutter of leaves and stuff that follows you inside, no matter how attentive you are to the bottoms of your boots.
Big hugs,
Charlotta Ward said…
Hi Gorgeous!
Hope you are ok. I am thinking of you all the time and am sending you big Swedish virtual hugs!! Lots..!

I love the Emerson team! He's gorgeous and she looks like a scream to hang with. Love the shoot and have drooled over their pictures many times without ever tiering!

I agree with your idea of wearing big flowers. It DOES liven up the day and the Sydney girls are great in doing this. There are real flowers in abundance here and you always see pretty girls wearing gorgeous freshly picked flowers in their hair, on their jacket or blouse. I love it! You just don't see that embracing of life in the far North (aka Sweden..). Note to self: Must loosen up!!

Ok hun. I am off to have a nice big cup of italian stove boiled coffee before I start working.
Hang on in there and surround yourself with things and people that make you feel loved, valued and special.

Like we do!
xx C
Miss B. said…

Sorry about your father, I love that you are celebrating him by his love of art + design, even though this couple has been everywhere I am so delighted to see large drool worthy images in one space.


Miss B.
Elise Lowerison said…
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