Mini Cooper de Gournay love child



 {photo credit:: via twill thrill}


Concrete Jungle said…
Really?! How loverly!Thanks for the morning smile.
Charlotta Ward said…
Aaaww. And they lived happily for ever after..! :)

So cute!

Sending big hugs and hope that you are ok. Let the sun shine on your face this weekend..!

xx Charlotta
annechovie said…
Oh my goodness, Megan, I love this! I drive a Pepper White Mini, but this version is beyond. Too clever. Have a great weekend. xo
What a great idea! Hmmmm, this has me thinking......I have an old white car that could use some sprucing up!
Almost makes me want to take a batch of Blik auto stickers to my own little 'cream puff-crack baby'...aah, my own pepper white MINI.

Unknown said…
I had a bright yellow mini and everywhere I went even the grumpiest person would smile as the mini passed by. I thought about painting my jeep luscious little cottage pink.
I love your blog and allthe places it takes me.
Unknown said…
Well isn't that just fabulous! Made me smile, thanks :) xoxo

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