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Oh you guys. Me the ever tough, ever hardy, " I can be up with my sick kids all night and never get the slightest touch of malaise", has just gotten taken down. I am sick as a dee-oh-gee. The Grippe has seized me good. I'm green and queasy. So today I'm poaching. A few cool things I found over at Wary Meyers enjoy, while I go eat a few Saltines and some jello. It's all I got for ya.

All Tag Sale finds. I'm dumbfounded (and living in So Cal, where people don't have cool stuff like this at Tag Sales)
  1.  A vintage Hermes scarf (from the 40s) 
  2. A David Hicks wallet, with a tiny leather address book. Never used, from Japan in the 70's.
  3.  L.L.Bean hunting boots, with leather kilties- that fringed tongue, and a 1976 Maine Road Atlas which has little dots showing every farm in the state.

Fingers crossed that I'll come out the other side of this with a few pounds lost.


vicki archer said…
Get better soon Megan.....your today sounds like my Sunday...but sadly no pounds lost! xv
Hope you are feeling better soon....gingerale. Don't forget the gingerale!
Sarah said…
Oooo, yuck Megan, I hope you feel better quickly - drink flat ginger ale, saltines, oatmeal, potato and jello - you'll be good soon! I love the antique map of Maine, too cool...:))
Concrete Jungle said…
rest up and get better for the big Xmas day!
Oh to be able to go to a summer tag sale in Maine; $1 for those boots, really? Sending warm wishes for good health~
Oh to be able to go to a summer tag sale in Maine! Those boots were $1? Really? Sending warm wishes of good health~
Unknown said…
I really dig the leather book and wallet! Growing up in the Midwest and being totally ignorant of all the cool things auctions, tag sales and yard sales had to offer, I thought they were kind of lame when I was a kid. Now I could kick the sh** out of myself for not appreciating what was all around me!

Well I hope you feel better soon! Being sick is the worst. But it can be a great diet plan. :)
wow - great finds - david hicks had a line of wallets??!!
Hi Megan, Feel better soon, and thanks for your post even when you're sick!
Ivy Lane said…
Awwweee.. hope you're on the mend now!!!!!
72 and sunny said…
thank you guys! Gingerale, hot tea and Saltines. check, check , check.

I'm wearing my Sars mask as I type this.
mary said…
Sending prayers for a quick recovery. Green Tea capsules always work for me. xo Mary
Karen said…
Poor, sweet Megan.
I hope you are feeling better by weeks end so you can enjoy the fun-filled Christmas week next week.
I'm lovin' the tag sale pics...I've scored a few beauties up there, too.

Hope you are on the mend and taking care of yourself. Feel better soon.

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