This Week on the Skirted Round Table:: Kathryn M. Ireland

I first became aware of Kathryn M. Ireland back in the early 90s when a friend of mine mentioned something about buying pillows from her in L.A. Admittedly, I quick to judge and thought {nose wrinkled} " The baby voiced, Kathy Ireland? the Sports Illustrated model...seriously??" I know, shame on me. But admit it, the thought crossed your mind too. And yes, yes I know that the other Kathy Ireland has had great success. got it. Moving on....
Soon after, I saw something about the shop that she owned with actress, Amanda Pays in House Beautiful { I think it was? }. Anyway, it was a photo of the two sitting outside of their shop, 'Ireland Pays', in Santa Monica looking every bit the young, fresh image of Southern California Beach living. Except that both are British by birth. And the pillows they were hugging were beautiful and different than anything going on at the time when Shabby Chic reigned . I immediately loved their aesthetic which seemed to combine an bright ethnic vibe with a very english, classic flavor- basically what we now know as, 'Boho Chic'.
Over the years I've kept the two on my radar, Amanda eventually moving back to England and Kathryn coming to the forefront of design as one of the leaders in the field. Kathryn is still known for her use of color, her blend of the ethnic and comfortable yet, beautiful european lines. Livable and beautiful design the beckons one to have kids romp comfortably on big soft sofas and guests spend long nights enjoying one another at long farm tables.
Her newest line of fabrics has me wanting to re do my living room in punched up sherberty colors.
And her books, are pure candy inspiration. In particular, her house in Ojai which is simply a masterpiece of perfection.
Kathyrn, whom I had always assumed to be a very quiet soft spoken woman {once again, judging } , couldn't have busted out of that stereotype more. Her vivacity is absolutely contagious, her joie de vivre admirable. In short she's just a lot of energy with a "Let's get this party started already" attitude. Come have a listen with us over at The Skirted Round Table. You'll love..... if you don't already.
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AND if you're in the Los Angeles area, stop by my friend Brooke Giannetti's beautiful shop on San Vicente, for the Kathryn Ireland book signing:
Saturday, December 11th,
from 3pm to 5pm.
Giannetti Home 11980 San Vicente Blvd. Brentwood, CA 90049


Unknown said…
I've always liked her style. So interesting to hear about her personality...I had figured the same. Thanks for the post!
Karen said…
First, let me say, I love the looks of your site today? Second, I thought the same thing when I first heard the name Kathryn Ireland. I can't wait to hear the interview.

P.S. Isn't Amanda Pays still married to Corbin Berenson (sp?)? I saw a home the then married couple had redone (years ago) and it was great. I thought they went on to buy and re-do houses...sorry, got sidetracked on the whole People magazine topic! :-)
Katie said…
I love the floating shelves in that rustic kitchen! Here's an article that I found helpful on ideas for a small kitchen:
Katie said…
White walls generally scare me, but the natural wood and rich patterns are so inviting in these rooms! I could get real cozy in front of that fireplace!!

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