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ampersand AS apostrophe has some killah leathah bags. And I need a new, distressed, boho-cool hand bag like I need another reason to go work out.

ampersand AS apostrophe's bags are made by Seattle designer, Jessica Park, from 100 year old leather mail bags {see? told you they were cool } what's even better,

they morph. From envelope clutch 

to shoulder bag. 

AAAAND if that were not enough they come in great colors like, Gray, White Suede and even this dandy canvas number.

and what's with the name?

" Once read aloud, the phrase reveals itself as three common symbols: ampersand meaning addition, as meaning equal to and apostrophe meaning multiples of. All functions of transformation, methods to an end. Written, their raw qualities are abstracted, revealing their honest + would-be undiscovered, visual beauty.
The conventional, transformed unconventionally."

I had to read that aloud, and actually, I still don't get it. 

I sort of get it. I guess.

But whatever. I'm fairly certain that my brain is working at about a double digit IQ this week. I'm just saying behold the beauty and maybe go buy one {one for you one for me, my birthday's coming up}


Sarah's Fab Day said…
I'm drooling over this bag. Must have it!!
Karena said…
Very Cool Megan!! I love the canvas piece actually!

Art by Karena
Aimless Olive said…
yeah, I'll be taken one of those! I just celebrated my birthday, maybe they'll give us the 'birthday girl special' ?!?

~M x
These are so fun! I love that they are reusing old mail bags.
Tamara said…
gorgeous....absolutely gorgeous.
Leigha said…
Must have these. All of them. (I wish!).


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