Being that I'm coming to you from the beach, I thought I'd share a little of the warm summer weather we've been having all weekend.

It's hard to believe that earlier in the week, I was in Wisconsin Winter

and 3 days later  my view was this.


Some of you who follow me on FB and Twitter saw these through out my weekend. But for the rest of you a bit of warmth to start your week......

 We never miss a good sunset with friends on a warm winter's night...

a little clip of the glorious, Impressionistic, watercolor of a sky that we had Saturday night {with Nick describing what it's like to scuba dive out in the channel islands }


Maggie said…
The warm California weather is nice, but I am jealous of your time in Wisconsin. The snowy cold is winter to me. We did not travel to WI for our Christmas this year and it nearly broke my heart!
Thanks for sharing :)
Paul said…
Wasn't today great? I wish winter could be like this for the entire season!
Aimless Olive said…
you were not too far from me, in that wintry, gray tundra...I choose the beach. watching sunsets. with the Arquette's.

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