farrow + ball announces their new colors- or is it colours.

You know you're a total interiors geek when a product, like paint, absolutely thrills your every sense. The UK based, Farrow + Ball has  been the industries leading producer of the highest quality, eco friendly paint for some time. What makes it so different? Why do I get your basic, Stendhal Syndrome from...paint?

From my perspective, having a fine art background,  the pigments that are used are so pure that depending on the light in the room as the day progresses, the different facets of color, change with the light. Cheaper pigments, don't give you this quality or experience.  I'm not even sure that photographs do the paint colors justice.


If you haven't seen a Farrow + Ball paint, in person, it's well worth ordering a few sample pots or stopping by a showroom. Their newest line { complete with the quirky names, they're known for } has something for every room. Premiering today, they add a list of mellow hues and a few zingers....

From the bright orange of "Charlotte's Locks" to the mellow gray green of " Mizzle " - the british term for that gray, drizzle weather.

So that's the paint. But  Farrow + Ball also has a line of wall papers that are made to match with the paints. The patterns are traditional and chalky in finish.

Rosslyn wallcovering

The hand made artistry comes through in the block printed patterns and stripes and striĆ©s that are trough printed. 

I recently had the opportunity to see a job in progress by a seriously talented L.A. designer. The designer had used this  {Rosslyn }wallpaper in a powder room. It was so impressive, like walking into a gallery { minus the toilet sitting in the corner } that I didn't care about the vintage light fixtures or any other details of the room. really, it's that sort of experience.

not the bathroom I told you about,  but even this shot gives you an idea of how gorgeous it is. found here

St. Antoine wallcovering

And for a look at some seriously chic interiors using F+B's Downpipe {one of my all time favorites} check out the portfolio of Abigail Ahern. She did her { can't prove that this is her flat, but it's rumored to be } entire flat in the dark grey color.


Becky said…
I love it. I'm not an interiors geek, but I'm a color geek and I know what it's like to search for EXACTLY the right tone, shade, hue and not find it. Sometimes I just settle, but other times, I just leave the color swatch on the wall until I can find exactly what I want.
Karena said…
Beautiful Megan I love to see new and exciting Colours! :) Farrow and Ball is the best of course!

Do come and join my Amazing Giveaway from Splenderosa!

Art by Karena
Anonymous said…
Nice post indeed Megan. I am in the process of creating a post about basically the same thing, the new line and a bit about the company. I did have a couple of the same images but will change them straight away of course. I just wanted to let you know there was going to be another post like yours but that it is definitely not a copy of yours.

Keep up the good work, I love reading your blog.
Stephanie Marie said…
I'm coming out and saying it. I take issue with F&B. ;P They put out gorgeous colors, designers love the paint and yet they limit their availability to only a few major cities. I live in New Orleans which is supposed to be a pretty decent city as far as suppliers go (especially for decorating items) and we have no access to F&B within hundreds and hundreds of miles. We have to cross states to get it. I guess with as hard as it is to pick THE paint color for a room, I wish it was available to more people. I know I'd be interested in using their paint based on all of the designer and blogger recs and the beautiful photos I keep seeing!!
that terra cotta orange is beautiful. i need to get some samples. i've never seen the paint in person but you've got me very interested.
72 and sunny said…
Stephanie, I'm glad you brought that up. I can wax on and on about the quality of this paint, but if you can't see it in person it's hard to understand why we all love it so much.

They will send you free wallpaper samples, which will give you an idea of the quality.
Cheryl said…
Wonderful post~ Would have liked it last week when I made final decisions on the colors for the addition of our house. I love your Blog!!!!
these are all so inspiring! Bring on the spring decorating!
Good stuff. Love F&B! Esp their hand painted wall coverings.

xo - jami
i m a g i n e
designchic said…
So many beautiful colors...can't wait to see in person!!
BestofDesign said…
I agree Megan, I love their paints! It is worth getting their color card too because it has actual chips on on it, not just scanned images.
I searched for months for blue for a dining room---so many of them are too "nursery" blue--F&B's Lulworth had just enough red in it ---perfect! Very "old world". Thanks for the update!
Mrs. Blandings said…
Great selection of images. And, the paint pots come quickly! It's worth the order.
Susan Windsor Jones said…
These rooms are beyond inspiring. I'm ready to repaint every room after seeing them.
It's a blizzard here. Better not post any 73 degrees and sunny photos from the beach today. The KC crew might fly down and and open up a can of whoop-ass on you...as soon as the airport re-opens of course.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos! I'm particularly in love with the Farrow bee paper. Stunning!
(Radiant Republic)
Grant K. Gibson said…
I was thinking of painting my bathroom the new orange color. Saw it in person the other days and I LOVED it!
Elle said…
gorgeous colors! I love to paint and decorate. This is great!
Thomas said…
My favorite F&B color ?- "Elephants Breath"

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