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You know it smells like dirt right when it begins to rain {which I love}

Botanist, Patrick Blanc,  creator of the Vertical Garden  has been creating these forest floors, turned sideways all over Paris and abroad. Blanc's work can be seen {for my friends in SF} at Drew on California and here in LA at La Bastide restaurant.


Melissah said…
I just discovered your great blog & loved it. I'm just new into blogging & have just finished off my own blog on fashion & interior design.
I had a lot of fun putting it together. I would love your feedback on it if you've got a spare minute.
i, like the rest of the world am having that early stage of the relationship, oxytocin induced, love affair with these vertical wall gardens. hunky hubby and i really want to put one in our bedroom....BUT....i'm afraid as with all new, rad trend (overalls on anyone other than a farmer) this will fade, and look trendy real quick?
it's a chunk of money.
Peggy and Fritz said…
Hey Megan -- Incrediable! Might have to pop in there to check it out. Love the living walls.
mary said…
The vertical gardens are incredibly beautiful in commercial space, but I do not think that I would want one inside my house--allergy city. But in a courtyard garden: simply amazing.
Dagmarette said…
amazing! But whats the maintenance like for a wall full of greens?!
72 and sunny said…
thanks for stopping by Melissah. And welcome to the 'hood.

katie:: I'm not sure if it's a trend. I think this is more lifestyle. I think that, those who are serious about green living, will be incorporating this sort of life on to their walls an roof, etc. for the long haul.

I do, however, wonder about the upkeep. There must be some kind of irrigation system designed into it. But then I wonder about weeding? removing plants that didn't fare? And even with the watering, does it require concrete floors, for proper drainage.

anyway, it's very cool, and it must make for some serious clean living.
So my new most favorite thing is...
the "Woolly Wally".

Wool pocket-pots for the wall; Wild.

Though I tend toward flood and fire, so I may just stick to a wall of air plants in the shower. That seems safe.

Karena said…
LOve these Megan!

Colette over at Nicki Haslam's talked about Ivy room dividers which I think is a cool idea!

Art by Karena
Ana Degenaar said…
It looks so cozy in there! Love it!
like that woman in the second picture, i'd love to cozy up with a book in that space. so cozy.
Renae Moore said…
Does this mean the 'yard man' now has to come indoors?
I do like this though!
Like your pic on your header too!
Christie said…
These started popping up a few years back in the flower shows in Belgium. I have never seen anything of this scale before. It is very dramatic but if you want drama, paint! This would be serious work to mantain. Phooey! Healthy plants need to be watered, fertilized, root pruned, dead leaves need to be picked off .... Yeah, just bring on the 15 foot ladder so I can climb up and start picking dead leaves off the ferns!

Now, I do love these outside. You know, where the hose is. They are usually made in panels and then the panels are hung on a fence or wall. There are some DIY instructions out there that I have read. Basically, you start with a wood or plastic shallow pan. This is filled with potting soil, vermiculite and slow release fertilizer. Then a layer of moss. Then a layer of chicken wire. The chicken wire is planted with seedlings or small succulents and any openings are stuffed with more moss. This is layed outside on a table or on the ground until the seedlings really take root. Then it is placed vertically. Succulents are very popular because they don't need frequent watering.

I wonder, if in commercial restaurant or hotel applications, if they change out the panels to keep everything looking great ?

Great post! ~ Christie
Kristina said…
Love the green wall and also the super cute chair in the first picture!!
Viele Gruesse, Kristina
72 and sunny said…
terri, one of my good friend received wooly pockets for her bday from her, architect, husband (had to qualify that in so it made romantic sense)I thought the same thing when I saw this.

Christie, good points and all that I considered too. I won't be doing this. But I love the concept. If not on the wall then on the roof!

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