quirky + delightful digs of the Santo Domingos


The NYC  apt. of Vogue contributing editor, Lauren Santo Domingo has all of the elements that make me, swoon? uh. no. not really the 'swooning' type. 'jealous'? nah, too catty.  'envious'? ya, probably, more like it.  

Located in the urban environs of the  Flatiron district the space has that strong utilitarian flave that I will never get over wanting,  filled with a mix of high end + low end quirky finds.

 Among the great works of 20th century artists { Salvador Dalí, Hans Bellmer, Aaron Young, and Max Ernst } sits this Lalanne Hippo....... It's A HIPPO THAT TURNS INTO A BAR. kind of makes a bar cart look sissy and ordinary.

This might be one of the  best uncurated/curated bookshelf I've seen in a long time. Not a color blocked set of books in the lot.  A boom box and a Santeria candle: Never take it all so seriously that you forget the humor and can't find interesting design in the mundane.

Remind me to put my office in that walk-in dressing room I'll have one day. I could hide forever, completely undisturbed in silence. Also, remind me that I need drawers like this.....

 Oh, I how I love a home filled with rooms that continue to open up the more you stand and observe.


mary said…
The drawers and the shoes-sigh..........but we have 80* weather in January!!!
I spied smokes and booze too.
Little surprises everywhere.

72 and sunny said…
Mary - leaping in the air high fivin' you.: )

teri, have you seen those shots of Kate and Andy Spade in their bedroom? he's lying on the bed with a cig. and a beer. As gorgeous as the apt is, I kept thinking about what it must smell like.
Shari said…
I wasn't too impressed with the bowls of loose matches and cigarettes. She's trying too hard to be cool. Also, the jumbly shelf of paperbacks??
72 and sunny said…
shari, I think it's refreshing to see a, not-so-perfect bookshelf. I couldn't pull that off. It would make me bonkers. But, after years of the color blocked and perfectly curated bookshelves, this one makes me stop and really 'look'.

I do wonder, as she is pregnant, if they'll still have the ciggies and matches sitting around once 'jr' comes along.

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