This Week on the Skirted Round Table:: rue magazine founders, Anne Sage + Crystal Gentilello

 To be truthful, I've had a lot of questions batting around in the dusty old belfry, regarding digital magazines. Are they really the next 'thing'? How will people remember to go back and look at them over and over when it's not sitting out on the coffee table. How will they promote themselves and stay talk worthy? How will they continue to get contributors to do work gratis? or what's the business plan? Bottom line, how will they fare over the long haul.

well, we asked the founders of the tremendously successful, and creative magazine, rue  some of these questions, and they answered. We learned, that this is as much of a labor of love as it is a business venture. Anne Sage and Crystal Gentilello,
RUE co founder, Crystal Gentilell
answer our questions with such conviction and passion, you'll be inspired.

I was especially taken by their fantastic partnership. From my experience, a good business plan with a partner, isn't worth anything, unless you treat the partnership like a marriage. One needs to champion the other and know where one's weaknesses and strengths are.

RUE co founder, Anne Sage

These women, are great examples of this theory and if you're like me, you'll walk away knowing that they're here to stay. Which is a win-win for all of us. Join us on The Skirted Round Table.

and don't forget to check out the newest issue of rue


Megan, I love your new blog style! Shiree'
mary said…
Last night while checking emails, the "Rue" notification popped up. I intended to give it a quick look-through, but ended up reading the magazine from cover to cover. The writing, photos, inspirations were all top notch--now I'm getting even more inspired to get a larger monitor just to read "Rue" more easily. These ladies just keep getting better and better.
72 and sunny said…
Thanks Shiree!

Mary, I agree, it's really just an absolute gem of a publication. And these rue girls are so inspiring.
Oh goody... I've got to dash over to Skirted Round Table!
Megan, I just listened to the podcast last night. I had been having the same thoughts about what it means to be moving in the digital direction with magazines (I REALLY miss curling up in bed with these mags, touching and feeling the pages, etc.) I really appreciated that you asked the questions and I also appreciated the Rue girls thoughtful and engaging responses. I'm still not sure if I'm completely on board with the digital magazine age yet but I didn't feel quite so sad about it after your interview. Thanks!

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