coloring on the walls with charlotte mann

Up until about 6 years ago, I was constantly having to reprimand little girls in this house for 'coloring' on everything, including the walls.

I recently noticed, on my bedroom wall, some tiny scribblings - a smiley face and a backwards 'E' -  barely visible to these old eyes. Artifacts from their, now gone, babyhood.

I didn't have the heart to erase them. If I thought that all of this would have led up to what U.K. artist Charlotte Mann creates, I probably would have encouraged it a lot more.....

Mann, whose mom was probably way cooler than me, creates these illustrations using black pen and ink. for more of her work go here


Mrs. Blandings said…
This is what I need for my upstairs hallway. Want to come over and and take a side?
Her work is incredible. What an undertaking, with such beautiful results. I just love it.
hey there, your blog is fantastic. i will come back =)

have a lovely day, yours dani

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