happy valentine's day my friends


 I'm one of the fortunate ones, who have friends with whom I've now shared a life time. Some of this group I've known since childhood, others since my late teens. They've been through boyfriends, breakups, divorce, marriages, new marriages and babies. These are the ones who, no matter what, no matter how long or how far the distance will always be able to gather and laugh, create dinners and more memories. They are the ones to whom I know I can tell anything.  They've been there through it all. And apparently they're not going anywhere.

Whether it's sitting in silence reading with the light streaming through the window, or sitting on a cool evening, surrounded by redwoods and apple trees we're always able to come together as though no time has passed.


When I see photos of our gatherings over the years, I'm starting to see the effects of time and life. Each of us easing into middle age (beautifully I will add. My friends are beautiful in all ways).

*snap* we are 19 fat happy little college faces, arms draped over each other's shoulders

*snap* We are, in our early 20s having lunch at a cafe in  Chicago 

*snap* we are 25 in  a bar in San Francisco 

*snap*   30s camping and talking babies, one is pregnant. 

Now we are 40 something. We talk about books, religion, life and family. It's interesting to see how our focus changes with each decade. Our self introspection beginning to take a bigger role in our conversations. As always, with us, there are plenty of laughs because we are, if anything, a group who understands each other's humor. It is the joy that binds us I think.

  At the end of these, far and few between, weekends we gather, luggage at our feet, giving each other long savory hugs knowing that we'll probably still be doing this again in a few years. And that at some point, *snap* 70s we're going to be talking hip replacements and incontinence. laughing all the while.

h a p p y   v a l e n t i n e ' s   d a y   m y   f r i e n d s .


ah. this one guts me. love, love, love this post.
trying not to get teary.
ugh..who am i kidding, i get teary when my prius saves me gas money.
{life of a sap}

Fifi Flowers said…
J'adore the deux bicycle photo... très FAB... Joyeuse Saint Valentin Mon Amie!
preppyplayer said…
Love that you all have remained close and love this post.
good friends are a blessing...and sounds like you have many in your life.
72 and sunny said…
This is one of those posts that I think women will get. Especially those of us with sisters or close girl, friends.

I just came off of a weekend with the gals in Santa Cruz. It was fabulous.
Curious Details said…
I loved this. I've got a similar sisterhood, bound by joy.
Jen said…
Oh....such a great post and ya, tugs at those GF heartstrings in each of us gals. Thank you Megan for making me realize the importance of getting a "girls weekend" officially on the calendar!~Jen
Barb said…
sooo sweet - best v day sentiment of the day. happy day to you!
Anonymous said…
Hey I just discovered your blog, it's gorgeous. Similar theme to mine - all beautiful things! Will be back to visit for sure. Rachelle from thebluueroom.blogspot.com xx
what a wonderful post... loved it.

happy valentine's day!

Kwana said…
Beautiful! Happy Valentine's Day!
Peggy and Fritz said…
Megan this was a beautiful post and I feel the same exact way with my friends. I totally related to how our conversations changed and we have all evoloved as women! Hope you had a great trip up North! Ann xo
mary said…
Indeed, you are enormously blessed. I treasure my friends as fine jewels--so close in spirit, always in my heart. Thank you.
Unknown said…
I love this, Megan, as beautifully written as you are. And I love you,
Auntie Paula
Charlotta Ward said…
I am mushy.. and as such I am crying after reading your beautiful post about your friends.
It's so powerful isn't it. Friends are everything! And it's very easy to be friends with you. You're lovely!

xx C
Aimless Olive said…
this one hits home. this may just be one of my favorites you've posted. happy valentines, indeed. x
scarlett reed said…
So sweet! I must admit a bit of envy, I have dear friends but they are all very different and don't get along. Love your pics of the weekend, it's great to finally see Allysons gorgeous farmhouse. Also lovely to meet you in person!

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