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If you live in the Bay area, you're probably well acquainted with, the Berkley based, Omega Too . For the rest of you, they're the purveyor of one-of-a-kind lighting fixtures, made from repurposed items.

They've also been, long known for having cool, vintage bathroom pieces: sinks, claw footed tubs, all of those awesome things that peopler { stupid people } rip out of old homes. When I was re-doing my house, we spent a lot of time over there { they're always getting new things in, so it's worth it to pop in often }

Everything you need to make your old house look like new again.

I was looking for some light fixture possibilities for a new job I'm starting. Something interesting, something that gives the space an added sparkle. Like a great pair of earrings would to and outfit. I found a few things that would work nicely.

but check out what  else I found over there.....

I love their repurposed pieces. so clever. 

Antique Mason Jar pendants 

a steam punk pendant

would love a few of these , hanging over a big farm table. 

 these would be perfect in a boy's room.

these are antique funnels. so cool.

go check out their site, they have so much to peruse. Omega Too


Lisa Mackay said…
AMAZING - i want them all! I wonder if they ship to Canada? Must check. Thanks Megan!
Great big thank you for this light post. Love these industrial-looking fixtures and love how they would look in my kitchen.
preppyplayer said…
Love. The best way to be green AND original!
LOVE! I am converting my son Oliver's room from a nursery into a "big boy" room and those lights are a must! Heading over now to see if they have an online store! Thanks so much for the super find! xo Samantha
liza said…
Very cool, especially the funnels and the top of the great big glass jug. Thank you!
M.M.E. said…
Oh my gosh! I just moved to the Bay Area and I can't wait to go there now. Thank you SO much for sharing. I'm so excited!!
Splendid Market said…
Oh my -- these are just brilliant! The possibilities are endless!
mary said…
I love this fixtures. They make my creative juices flow. Industrial, but not harsh.
Genius! This is definitely one of my passions! Thanks for more inspiration, as usual :)
Lisa Porter said…
Ok so I'm not huge on industrial but I appreciate the re-use. Those lights are really pretty cool. I bet Brooke would love them too.
Thanks for the source.
xo Lisa
Matt Braham said…
Those are amazing lights. I love reading your blog.


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