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Coming off of a weekend in the hills above Santa Cruz at my friend's beautifully restored farm house, I'm totally zenning out to these shots by Swedish stylist Lotta Agaton. The energy the pops of color, the simplicity, all have me drifting. 


I love an Albert Hadley tricked out room,


but man-o, if I could pull off living in a minimalist space filled with great typography, a palette inspired by river rocks and lovely light? I'd be, I don't know, throwing in the towel and making organic bread all day while throwing pots at night. 

by the way, if you're curious as I was about the familiar check or, "Brabants Bont design",  found in so much of Swedish design { + ikea } here's an interesting link to the background of the textile pattern.


Fargerike Dagny said…
She's very talented :) You should check out Lo Bjurulf too! Beyond amazing!!
That beat up barrel chair looks lovely, I wouldn't trade it for a new one.
Alexis Skib said…
I love Lotta Agaton!! Amazing designs.
Lindsey said…
I would give anything to have a foyer with a staircase just like that one day!
Swedes do the white box living just so well.

Even Ikea offers a white, non-wood plank, high gloss floor.

Cheers!...to keeping it all clear.
Anonymous said…
Love anything black and white. I have a "Love is the new black" (different one) poster that I need to have framed for my bedroom.

Momdaw said…
Hmmm..I luv the Eames chairs in so many of these Swedish pics.
Karena said…
Megan love the peacefullness and then the pops of color!!!

Art by Karena
Fashion Schlub said…
OMG - I am MAD for the "this is your space" poster - has anyone ever seen that available anywhere?? I. Must. Have. That. Poster.


72 and sunny said…
Hi bettye, I did a quick search for that poster and couldn't find it. However, I think you should make it yourself! here's is what it says,

"This is your space, an oasis where you can relax, take off your shoes, enjoy yourself and the art of living. Feel free, think big, think small, this is a place where people will be seen. Take your time and breath, sense the moment, use your key and open your heart, laugh, cry or be crazy if you like. This is your space."
Fashion Schlub said…
"I think you should make it yourself!"

Ha, I spent a good deal of time that morning with the magnifying glass and various-sized print outs trying to figure out what some of the smaller lines read! It's SUCH a lovely message - it just says "HOME" to me.

I am ignorant in the ways of printing such large things! I want it BIG! Loud-and-Clear-sized...where does one go to print something so large - oh, maybe like Kinkos??

Hmm...I see a project for my winter break...thanks for sharing!


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