{ once upon... }

I'm not sure what's cooler, the concept { every monday, wear something different and stand on something }, the art direction or the photography. Heidi Lender's series of photos featuring fashiony, interior designy, travel concepts are the bee's knees.

also, I want those zebra shoes.

you can follow Heidi's tumblr feed for updates of her series { once upon... }


I love that each photograph has a little surprise or something unexpected - a dog or statue of a pig for example ;-)
LOVE these! Thanks for introducing her!
I love the pup that keeps making a reappearance! Also its interesting photos because they are of a persons knees which can be quite unflattering but she's made them quite stylish and sweet.

so i for sure the 1st image was my favorite, but then i saw the 2nd, and then the 3rd, and then the 4th....

love these!!

i think i settled on the 3rd though as the one i fancy most.
katiedid said…
gimme the black and white dress.
Does she work for catalog?
Treadgold said…
Loving your last 2 posts! The quirkiness of these portraits and he amazing intricacy of Charlotte Mann...she must be very patient.
Pretty outfits! Love the laces, prints, florals and colors.
Mrs. Blandings said…
I was out at "wear something different every Monday." Every month maybe. So I'll just enjoy these dreamy photographs instead.
mary said…
She is gorgeous. I wish I could get Jones to pose like that!
Lauren said…
so beautiful!!! off to check her out.

ps- cracked about about your stripe shirt. i don't own one but would love too ;)
Paula Masterman said…
I used to stand on the bed in order to see in my dresser mirror to make sure my shoes looked good with my pants - love my shoes...

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