peace out

 I need to remind all of you  { after reading this post } to go and back up your Hard Drive. Eeeeeven if you have an external back up device, that you think is working for you.

I'm telling you this because I've spent the better half of the last two days, dealing with a dead, dunzo, gone, Hard Drive. I thought I had it all backed up. but guess what. no. It hadn't backed up since last July.

Yesterday, I bellied up to the Mac genuis bar with the genuis-tender who looked at me, and using his best 'concerned genius voice' said, "I'm so sorry for your loss"..... So, Hard Drive on the rocks all around. I'm being responsible and not letting my friends drive with out back up. Go back up your Hard Drive. seriously.

Now on to FUN things.


......and the winners of the West Third Brand candles are....

Rebecca of Acanthus and Acorn 

Thank you ALL for participating.  And thank you to the dear Michael @ W3B for providing the best smelling give away in the blogosphere.  You truly are, the bomb. dot com.


have an excellent weekend.


liza said…
Thanks, Megan! A fun win on a Friday! I e-mailed you my address info. Happy weekend to you and thank you again.
Open House LLC said…
Thanks for the reminder. I will put it on my "to-do" list. It is important indeed!
Karena said…
Megan Kudos to the winners!! yay!

I have most of my images on flash drives, I understand now though the importance of backing up everything.

Great SRT discussion!

Art by Karena
really?!?! really? as in no fooling???

thank you so much!! you can email me the deets at

thanks again miss megan!
This is such a surprise! I was just listening to SRT and so of course had you Joni and Linda on my mind. Plus, I've had a rare day where I've done little else but check out blogs.

Btw, after more than a year of blogging, this is the first givaway I have ever won!

Thanks for making a cold, rainy good! sorry for your loss (I'm sure the Mac tech hates saying those words). :( That totally stinks.

I'm new to a Mac, backing up with Time Machine....which sounds like that is not so fool proof. Will get into the habit of hooking up another HD (Thank goodness they are affordable now).....just gotta make the time to do it. I can not imagine not having all my information.

I know someone that had their house broken into recently with all the computers (among other stuff) stolen. Yet another reason to have back up files somewhere else.

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