stuck on repeat with Elli Popp

 If you're not familiar with the British design house, Elli Popp, and their funky { or 'sassy' as they say } Victorian designs, you should run over there and check out their punk, retro- romantic patterns.  

 They've recently put out a new collection called, “Victoria’s Curiosity Medley”.

The collection includes three new patterns { including the one above } that combine a collage of victorian memorabilia and design with hidden elements.


If anything, you'll get sucked into just perusing this creative and unique line. Kind of a Vivienne Westwood for your walls. Go ahead and procrastinate your Tuesday work load here.


Meg said…
LOVE this! Thanks for sharing! :) I love all things English! with some quirk ;)
Unknown said…
To be honest I find this wallpaper terribly ugly and it looks cheap.
LOVE this line. Thanks for the discovery. xo J
Cherry said…
I think they would make some pretty funky environments for stores or restaurant....or even tea houses.
mary said…
Thanks for giving me a reason to procrastinate--never one to refuse encouragement. Have a great day.

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