Thomas Jayne book signing event at Rose Tarlow Melrose House

As if coming off of two weeks of Holiday vacation followed by teachers in service followed by President's Day, MLK Day and days off for summer like temps {no. not really} didn't count as enough down time for the kids in my life, it's now.....'Ski Week'! Yes, it seems folks at the beach were pulling their children out of school every February to hit the mountains, So the school solved the problem by just creating, 'Ski Week'.

The fortunate thing is that I'm going snowboarding. The unfortunate thing is that I'll be missing the opportunity to meet and hear speak, Thomas Jayne who will be signing his new book,  The Finest Rooms In America, tomorrow night at Rose Tarlow Melrose House. Boo.


The book is an inspiring collection of 50 photographs of rooms.

"All the rooms are decorated in the classic sense. Some are formal, such as the breakfast room at the Elms in Newport or reflect courtly manners such as the drawing room of the Miles Brewton house in Charleston. Others are informal and reveal more about the lifestyle of today, such as the living room of the Eames House or Bunny Williams's great room in her Connecticut barn."

 designer:: Rose Tarlow   

Many of the homes are historical and, or decorated by prominent designers but also included are those by non-decorators.

from the Francis Brody House commissioned by Henri Matisse, Los Angeles, California

 The book is sure to become a classic and a staple of every well rounded, design library. In fact, stop by next week I'll be giving away one book to a lucky winner.

dining room of the Mary Cooper House, New Orleans, Louisiana

For those of you not dashing off to the snowy Sierras, do yourself a favor and stop by Rose Tarlow Melrose House tomorrow night { 2/17/11 } for an evening filled with great discussion. Thomas will be front and center, sharing stories of his own finest rooms and signing books.

Rose Tarlow Melrose House

Thomas Jayne will share stories of his own finest rooms from coast-to-coast.

Thursday, February 17, 2011, 6:00 PM

Rose Tarlow Melrose House
8540 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles

Please rsvp to or 310.461.0705


liza said…
I will stop by here next week for a chance at this, and thank you for the preview! The Francis Brody House gets me every time. I hope you have fun snowboarding!
The space at the Francis Brody house is a show-stopper. The setting with the Matisse mural framed by the shade trees is timeless. The book looks beautiful!

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