West Third Brand GIVEAWAY

Holla!  a gorgeous giveaway from my favorite candle lines, West Third Brand.

Why do I love thee? Because they're 6 inches of love. Love that fills the room with ambience and lovely smells from the minute you light them. This week, I will be giving away,  FOUR of the clever, Bring it to Me wish candles. Each of these candles have 50 hours of burn time. That's a lotta, lotta time to spend wishing.

'Bring it To Me' wish candles are Novelty candles that add fun & support to daily affirmations…in a carnival of amusing ways.

Abundance – Success
Cures slumping stocks, wealth related woes & eases your case of financial insecurity.

Bonne Chance – Good
Luck Erases the stubborn & inauspicious streak. Cancels out black cats & precludes Friday the 13 from your work week.

C’est La Vie – A Fresh Start
Sweeps away the cobwebs of stale situations, cures ennui, listlessness & disappointed expectations.

Les Amoureux – Love
Mends the broken heart & offers salve for the love sick, sets the mood, banishes the single blues double quick.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Want? Well, go leave a comment then.  Tweet this and I'll count you twice. Contest ends 2/14 @ 9 pm. Winner will be announced  2/15

* a coupla things: free. things that are free should be received with gratitude. so if you win, keep that in mind. If the shipping seems too slow for your likes or you wanted one fragrance but got the other....you know, that sort of thing, don't be a tool. be thankful you won something. also, ya gotta leave an email. how you gonna win, boo, if you don't leave a way for me to contact you? ok. that's it. big good luck hug.


Jody said…
I'd love to try some new candles.
Nicole said…
Never heard of the brand, so thanks for introducing it! Would love to win and try any of the scents!
Holla!! that is a whole lotta love, I have just the perfect glass candle holders to put these in..❤ That is such a lovely gift to whomever it may be, hopefully me ;)
fingers crossed,
I've never been a candle person, but these sound wonderful! I guess it's never to late to jump on the candle bandwagon.
Sunnysidesue said…
What a great giveaway! I love candles and would love to win these for my birthday! :)
ooooh!! i love candles that have a little sumpin sumpin other than just fab fragrance!
fab giveaway!
Roberta said…
Always open to a good dose of Abundance and Love! Thanks!
jenthompson said…
I could definitely use some easing of my financial insecurity! :)
Treadgold said…
Beautiful gorgeousness that would be welcome in my abode...cheers!
I am not familiar with these, but love the packaging and the way you described the scents has me intested!
Jenny said…
Any giveaway with a nice smelling candle sounds good to me!
Pamela said…
those candles look awesome. Love that they burn for 50 hours.
Unknown said…
Love the messages on them!
- Danielle
other-option AT hotmail DOT com
liza said…
Yes, I'm putting myself in the running! Could use some Abundance around here, especially. Thank you for the chance!
Richie Designs said…
Me please
I can never say no to a good stink
Shari said…
Please enter me in the draw for the candles. They sound so cool - thank for for hosting this!


sstack at keplp.com
Love! They are so adorable! Would need a C'est La Vie to kickstart a new career path! :)
benson said…
wow! thank you for the opportunity.any of these would be a gift--and fun to see if it brings the luck, love, or success once you light it up...wishes do come true!
Anonymous said…
would love some heavenly smells and ambiance instead of just rain in Lynden WA!
Michelle said…
Ohhhhhh My, I LoVe Candles and I would be so happy to win these!!!!! Lovely Giveaway!!!!!

Michelle Torres
Mrs BC said…
I would love to win one of these beautiful candles, they all soune georgous!
Mrs BC
lissadzn said…
Wow! C’est La Vie – A Fresh Start
sounds wonderful, although i don't want all my ennui cured at work, that is when i secretly read your blog! Thanks for sharing a great company! Have a great day at the beach, 17 degrees in MD.
Karen said…
Bonne Chance---must have. Hubby is searching for a job, this candle could turn things around! :-)
Love, want, need a new scented candle......plus its cold here and a nice warm candle would cozy things up!
Anonymous said…
I work from home and would love to have a candle that burned for 50 hours!
ProjectHope7 said…
Thanks so much for your review...I hadn't been acquainted with them before. They sound wonderful and are definitely a gift that keeps on giving! Candles can change the whole atmosphere and physical well-being!

cathy b
pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com
@projecthope7 twitter
Anonymous said…
A gift is a gift, no complaining allowed....I would love to be gifted., Candles are a favorite gift I like to give and receive!!
Pat said…
Your blog keeps getting better and better. I would love to win a candle and I promise I wouldn't complain about the shipping or the fragrance....

Lee Nicholson said…
LOVE smelly goodness. Candlelight makes us all beautiful.
oOoOO said…
My Jonathan Adler Tomato & Fig candles are almost gone... would LOvE to try out any of these affirmation candles in my new Laguna Beach digs! A splendid smell to go with my astonishing view! Air kiss! I saw them here at bb8 for the first time... Thanks Megan!
i love candles and would love to have a new one! thanks for the giveaway! (hamil.sarah@gmail.com)
DonnaQ said…
Oh these look divine - would make my house smell extra sweet
Nathalie said…
"Success, Good, A Fresh Start, and Love" - any one of these could brighten up my day as I share the spirit with those around me! Thanks!!
janeteitz@gmail.com said…
me me me me.

Thanks for the giveaway.
robyn said…
very cool would love one of these candles ! xo
Flotsam Friends said…
I so need some inspiration! These would give me the lift I need I'm sure. They look like perfection. Pruxxx
Lindsey said…
So glad to have found your blog (and just in time for a giveaway)...lucky me on both counts.
Unknown said…
Love them! Would be grateful to have any of the four. Thanks for the sweet giveaway.
Unknown said…
Love them! Would be grateful to have any of the four. Thanks for the sweet giveaway.

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