get your ne on

just found over at etsy shop, Neos Lettering, these great neon letters and numbers from the early 90s. Pick a single letter, number or create a phrase.

great for a nightlight, or a glowing bit of modern art ( 12.99 for a single letter ) oh and they come in greek letters as well. In case you're one of those who's still hanging on to your Greek Affiliation.


Ashley said…
Much more chic than a neon beer sign! Very cool.
I have stumbled and rumbled into your it. Put up a post...with one of your images and a link. Happy spring.
mary said…
These are great--has your "8" arrived yet?
This is great. I am totally getting an "A" for my daughter Ava's room
Great price, I'm sure my 12 year old would flip if I showed these to her!
Allison Egan said…
How fun! I love the numbers especially! Here are a few more graphic numerals in interiors:
So unexpected - great find!
xo Allison
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