glamour shots

just a shot of glamour goes a long way......

 as seen in these grays, turquoises, golds and browning pinks

via:: ELLE decor
there's room for a bit o' the leopard in every space. Lately I'm thinking a gilded, fine boned chair tucked into a room would be the perfect amount.


and found on ebay, a little Dorothy Draper Espana number ...... why must these things always be in the farthest reaches [ Florida ]

this gilded bar set is great. I have a few sets with different patterns. When you're not boozing it back, they make for great little vases filled with pink carnations, roses or peonies.

check this chair out. a bit of paint { hot pink? gold? }+ fresh fabric { velvet leopard/cheetah } = great side chair

and if all of that is a bit in your face, try the animal motif in this small shot:

giraffe book ends here


Anonymous said…
Love it. I used to be into the DIY stuff chair find, but these days have realized that a pro will do it way better.

Seriously considering those giraffe bookends. It might encourage me to get all my books out of storage.

72 and sunny said…
yessss. those book ends NEED to be purchased. Listen, if I had a bookshelf, they'd be mine. So, you should have them. They can fit into any design plan, modern, classic...even a kid's room. I love an animal figure in a room.
Splendid Market said…
how nice of you to find the best of ebay for us! I love those glasses, even though my bar is overflowing..but as you said, they make perfect vases.
I might NEED those bar glasses. Fab!
*Chic Provence* said…
I LOVE the D.Draper! great find! fun, as always, post!


Julie said…
I agree, that chair would look great in gold/leopard! There's nothing quite like the satisfaction from giving new life to old things. :) Great finds!
Lisa Porter said…
Hi Megan!
You got me with the glamour shot and I just might be bidding against Scot!
Good to visit with you.
XO Lisa
Lisa Porter said…
Oh I'm such an idiot! Look at the date! That's what I get for visiting via Pinterest. I need to stop by for proper visits from now on. You don't have to post my previous comment or this one for that matter....ugh.
Hope you're doing well.
XO Lisa

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