idle thoughts while surfing...

I wish there was a game show where the contestant was brought into a room,  packed with crap. { think 'Hoarders' without the dried up cat carcasses } and then given 60 seconds to find the most expensive thing in the room.

Because I'd be really, really good at it. I'd win. I'd go on to the next level, a warehouse filled with the unmarked boxes in which to find the Fabrege egg {or washer and dryer, or speedboat } I can type in the word, 'clutches' on a search engine { as in small evening bags - not manual transmission cars } and look at the image page, filled with a hundred variations on the theme. And zoom. My eye goes straight to this one:

And I know, that if there were such a show?  I'd have fierce competition......

The classic, Hermes Jige clutch for spring 2011   prices starting from $ 2,725


Karena said…
Megan I think we have the same expenive taste!! Right to the Hermes....

Art by Karena
designfynder said…
Great idea. It's not exactly the same thing, but there is a show called Storage Wars (History Channel I think), where people bid on the contents of an expired storage unit. They're only allowed to view it from the outside for a few minutes and then have to decide if it holds anything of value. Strangely addictive to watch, and you wouldn't believe the things that are sometimes found!
find somebody to produce that game show. i'd be going home with vintage chanel and diamond encrusted louboutins.
Unknown said… I have to only pick one color? There's something to be said about Hermes, everything is simply perfection!

Another competition would be going into the store and picking the most expensive thing without knowing the price, my husband will attest I'll win that contest everytime!!

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