Indochine by Red Egg

Did you watch HBO's re-make of Mildred Pierce last night? eh. on the actual movie. Mildly entertaining.  The  set design and seeing the re-creation of a, 1930s L.A. is kind of great. Although, I'm not sure if it was my T.V. - the lighting was really dark.

Of note, I'm pretty sure that one of my favorite furniture lines was used in the Living Room of Mildred's house - the Cane Arm Chair from Red Egg's Indochine collection. I have always loved this chair (and the rest of the line)

 It was interesting to see this furniture in the low light of the set in this classic Film Noir re-make. The line itself is based on a vintage, lending of French and Vietnamese during the1920's and 30's. In Red Egg's own words, it's over all feel is 'Asian Noir'

design by:: waterleaf designs

Take a look at The High Back chair in the 'Eucalpyus Antique' and 'Maganolia White' finishes. I've used this chair a few times in beachy spaces. In these colors, it becomes a whimsical, beachy Chinoiserie chair- sophisticated but also casual in it's caning.

 Here are their twin Indochine head boards. Which look decidedly coastal against all of these blues and white..

Red Egg sells to the trade only { with a show room at HighPoint } but can  be purchased through retailers, as well. Check out their site for more designs.

The second part of Mildred Pierce airs tonight. I'll probably be watching it, but more for the scenery and  wardrobe.


Mrs. Blandings said…
I am loving those bungalows. And her tile? That green and black with the wacky pinky-red toilet? Pause. Pause. Pause.
cotedetexas said…
i love those chairs and that whole line too - i didn't know you did too? great minds....
Martine Louise said…
love the blue and white room! makes me want to go and buy a beach house just so I can decorate it in blue and white!
logo design said…
Great transformation, I am sure the before was quite different!!! I would like to see also one of your paintings on the wall though.

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