peace out

she holds his heart in her hands. 

I've been collecting 'bokeh'  {pronounced: 'boke' } images on my flickr account for awhile.  Don't know if you're familiar with the effect but you can see it above in the heart shaped lights. The process is done by aesthetically blurring out of focus images. I believe I've seen apps available to create the effect too. The last thing that I need one more camera app.  { I think I'm up to 10? }.


I'm off to check out what's going on down the street at our beach today. Japan, you are in my thoughts. 




...still working on that peace.
Leigh Chandler said…
Megan, Be careful! Maybe you should take the family and hit the high ground, you can't trust Mother Nature! My prayers are also with Japan, but also Hawaii and our west coast...
Karena said…
Megan I adore the photo apps lately and this one is beautiful. I need to get in the know to use these!

Prayers for Japan at this time of loss.

Art by Karena

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Renee Granier said…
Darling Megan, Our heart and prayers are for all in Japan! Hopefully everyone you know on the West Coast and Hawaii are Safe and Secure...
Kindest Regards XO,
Renee and Angela
Cherry said…
Cute string of hearts shot. Vancouver Island wasn't really effected, but I footage of the higher waves in California....Be safe at the beach.
'LUSH' said…
Love the image!!!! Love love love it! and your message to Japan is very thoughtful! Hope you found the beach like you were hoping it to be!

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