Braided hemp rug from Restoration. A nice alt. to the sisal or sea grass. Probably a lot softer under foot too.

singular straps se

I used to have a full wardrobe of these. We used to pick them up at Brooks Bros. ( before, it went the way of Abercrombie.  ) 

Really wish there were more, hardware stores that carried stuff like this and had signage and metal displays like these. ( I found this little shop in Palos Verdes, CA while buying Apple Green paint for a picnic bench - seemed the perfect setting, considering the mission )

fiat 126, circa 1972 from netcarshow

I think this was the first car my older sisters had. In royal blue. The car is completely adorable and covers everything, the color, the interior the diminutive size and funky vintage thing. But how about the rest of the photo. the boats? so awesome. the pant suit? more awsome. And that hexagonal concrete car park. I love that detail.

 credit:: house and home

In that perfect beach house. The one with the wrap around porch, I'd like a kids', dormer room. And each bed would be draped in some sort of yummy cotton block print from one of my favorite sources, of course, rikshaw design.

~ Oak Bluffs Cottage by Hutker Architects

lovely, tonal color scheme. I wonder if these stairs lead to a roof top, widow's walk. Dreamy in creamy blues.

I have yet to get over my, pink 10 speed that was stolen out in front of McDaniel's pharmacy, when I was 12. It was no Pinerello, but it was mine.


As newlyweds, my husband and I lived in Switzerland in 1972, and we had a Fiat just like that. On week-ends we drove to Paris or Milan or great ski resorts, just for fun. Those were the days!
Flotsam Friends said…
What a great post. Love that stair case and the kid's room. Just need another kid for the third bed!! Or maybe that's for a friend to sleepover. Beautiful, inspiring shots. Pruxxx
katiedid said…
I still remember my first time skiing at Lake Tahoe's Alpine Meadows. I was probably about 8 or 9. We stayed in this room that housed athletes from the Olympics in Squaw Valley. It was a huge dormer room with about 50 beds in it....we all got to pick out our favorite cool...I'll never forget it.
preppyplayer said…
So random, so awesome! Keep up the good work :)
Karena said…
Fun Stuff Megan!! I love Ranchmart Hardware...they have everything!!!

Art by Karena
Kasia _ JACOB said…
Good morning.
Fiat 126 car was produced in Poland, these tiny
cars on our roads in the 70's was really a lot. Beautiful were those
times. Thank you for this picture, it's nice to remember.

Regards Cathy

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