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To be quite frank, I didn't know a lot about British furniture maker Theodore Alexander until I was given the tour of the awesome showroom. I use the term, 'awesome' in the truest sense. This was one large, packed-full-of-extraordinary-pieces, kind of show room. awesome,  it was. 

The Althorp collection - a line of reproduction antiques from from the ancestral home of the Spencer family was especially impressive. 

Being the gadget girl that I am, I was completely taken by the Jupe table with its moving parts. "The top is formed of eight pull - out triangular segments with inset fold out leaves to expand the table"
Very cool, from an industrial design standpoint.

Or check this desk out, another favorite as it has 100 hidden compartments. (and, yes,  it comes with instructions upon delivery )


and this little writing desk...

So cute. Although I think if it were in my home it would be inhabited with Calico Critters.

Theodore Alexander's showroom was endless and packed with absolutely everything for the well appointed, elegant home. 

As a bonus we ran into the Keno brothers who have a line of furniture at TA. ( there's a photo floating around out there of we bloggers with the gentlemen. But, I won't be posting it here. I look about 30 pounds over weight, hot sweaty and basically unraveled. Mmmhmm. I'm that vain )

Here's a little infomercial on their line if you're interested ( a stylist has clearly gotten a hold of these guys. they're suddenly tanned and turbo coiffed )


Next stop....Sligh, the makers of home office and entertainment furniture. The Sligh family, has been in the furniture industry for over 133 year, honing their product to the needs of an ever changing world of technology. I'll admit, when asked to find 'office furniture' I don't always get excited. But, Sligh has managed to create a wide range of design without overwhelming nor taking the fun out of design.

 I loved this, built in charging base.

Their patented electronic designs, created by a team of industrial designers, have put them in the forefront in the industry.

Entertainment cabinet tricked out with the 'Smart Eye' for your remote control. 

and then off we went, to the next show room (feeling tired yet?) .........

the train of design bloggers, coco+kelly and stylebeat in the lead.


Jennifer said…
a girl can dream...

Jennifer aka Gigi
mary said…
I have always loved Jupe tables--the real ones sell for mega thousands and I'm sure that the price point of this beauty is way up there. And to think that this table format was first created almost 200 years ago!! Thanks for the great visit to High Point. Mary
swedecollection said…
I just wanted to mention that the founder of Theodore Alexander, Paul Maitland Smith, may be English, the furniture is not made in England. It is made in Asia, mostly in Vietman. Ever wonder why the line looks like Maitland-Smith's stuff -- well now you know. I made the mistake of buying a TA coffee table. It was expensive and poorly made. I believe the tag says Made in Vietman on it or maybe it is inside the drawer. I would never buy anything from their line again. I hope the Keno brothers line is better made.
You are too funny that you took a snap of the trek! What a fun day I had with all of you!
Lizzy Freundel said…

Thanks for this post Megan - I really enjoyed conducting the tour at Theodore Alexander!

I noticed one of the comments regarding quality and @swedecollection I would love to communicate with you on this issue. My contact details are lizzy@theodorealexander.com

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