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photo credit: cassia

I'm off to High Point Market this weekend. First time, ever. I'm excited to see all of the new product and get inspired. AND I'm going to meet, my fellow podcast partner, LINDA for the the first time. Can you believe we've never met in person?
I hear that I should wear comfortable walking shoes..... which I have no idea how to do and look reasonably put together. 
Have a great weekend and I'll see you next week with updates from Highpoint. Or follow me on twitter, there's always a party going on over there.


Ana Degenaar said…
Hope you have THE best time!
Jennifer said…
My favorite color and I love this photo! Take me to the beach baby! Oh how Imiss the summer, sun, collecting shells, sand between my toes! Stop by and visit me sometime at jennsthreegraces Jennifer
Ashley said…
Have a wonderful time at High Point, Megan! Please share photos for those of us unable to attend!
Ivy Lane said…
Enjoy High Point! It is a flurry of excitement... I went there 25 years ago and bought my master bedroom set there at the furniture mart during the big event...

How fun that you are going to meet Linda for the first time in person! I LOVE the SRT!
72 and sunny said…
I will! I'm planning to post from there. If I'm not so spent from racing around.
Linda Merrill said…
Yay!!! Let's wear our pretty shoes and just meander around together!
Crimson Design said…
Have a great time I know you will love HPMKT sensory overload the first time but sooo much inspiration. Leaving tomorrow for HP myself. And yes no fashion victim here save your feet for comfy but sassy shoes
Great photo for a Friday!, ready for a beach holiday!
Have a great time!
Jamie Herzlinger
Your beach hut inspired my weekend blog post. Thanks as always for the inspiration.

Enjoy High Point
Your beach hut inspired my weekend blog post. Thanks as always for the inspiration.

Enjoy High Point
Leigh Chandler said…
Oh my goodness! You will be overwhelmed, I'm sure. I exhibited there for years and it was a killer show, especially if you go to so many of the fun, free cocktail parties afterwards;-) Besides, you will look stunning in flip flops if that's what it takes!
PS Check out my blog, I borrowed one of your pictures, I loved it so much!
Karena said…
Megan have a great time in Highpoint would love to be going with you two!!

The book has arrived, thank you and I am so excited to just cherish every page!

Art by Karena
BuyAionAccount said…
Oh, that place looks like a wonderful place to have a summer getaway. It doesn't seem a crowded one, must be a private resort.

Buy Aion Account
red ticking said…
looking forward to the recap... and have fun with linda!! xx
Desire Empire said…
I love the shots on your blog. I have just added you to my blog roll.
Best Carolyn
Anonymous said…
So much inspiration. I can't wait to see updates from your trip!
Have a great time.

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