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photo credit:: TOAST

Girl Scout camping trip to the beautiful, Ojai this weekend. And you?


Angie said…
Wow, Girl Scout trips have improved since I was in a troop! :)
Splendid Market said…
lovely image -- I'll go anywhere to spend some time in that tent!!
That photo is a dream! Love it!

Have fun in Ojai...looks like a chilly n wet one here in Colorado, catch up on some mags!
Oh look at that perfect little spot on the beach!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Desire Empire said…
What a way to go to the beach. Have a great weekend.
Best Carolyn
Kate Sheleg said…
I'm showing my cousin's girlfriend around NYC. Central Park, MoMA, farmer's market...I love seeing the city through the eyes and awe of a tourist. Happy camping!
Karena said…
Megan can you send me that rug and fabric!!

Family time and reading!

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