sale into summer....{ and most over used post title. apologies.}

Two of my favorite, beachy, punched-up color, textile companies are having sales you need to take advantage of.

I admit, I love my friends at Hable Construction and will always play favorites and promote their fantastic wares. What's happier than their sturdy fabrics, saturated in brilliant colors re-made as totes? Plus, who doesn't love a super successful, company run by two cool, creative women who are sisters?

These are the rare exception that make me deviate from my beach staple, the monogrammed LL Bean tote. And you baby mammas? These would make the best carry-all for all of those sippy cups and wipe-ys. The rest of us, need one to haul around whatever it is we women sherpa about.

Now, through April 24th...Shop ANY regularly-priced items on their website and receive 25% off when you enter discount coupon code TOTE prior to check out. Hable Construction


I have to admit, I didn't realize that Roberta Roller Rabbit had a store front in Santa Monica. RRR is the home of Modern, cotton, block print fabrics which, belong in any smart + hip beach side interior.

"Named for a fable Roberta found on discarded fabric in India telling the tale of Roberta Roller Rabbit, this hand block printed collection began in 2003 as a small line of colorful block printed beach tunics for mother and daughter."

And if you're not in the market for the furnishing, stock up on their beautiful summer Kurtas, perfect for Apre´s Beach/Sun bbqs, available on their website...Roberta Roller Rabbit.


I do have a local Roberta Roller Rabbit shop that I have passed by many times, but never made myself though the front door.

Mainly, since I have always been a loyal follower of Kerry Cassil's Indian prints at LaLa in Laguna Beach.

I may just feel the need to enter.

How fabulous are those totes - I'll take the pink and the green and the....

Love Roberta Roller Rabbit too.

Concrete Jungle said…
Funny after SRT discussion to see this post...just love the name Roberta Roller Rabbit...thanks for the intro!
Design Junkie said…
I've been loving Hable long time, but am new to RRR lust! Thanks for the heads up.
Cecilia said…
Concrete Jungle and Design Junkie,
I own 3 RRR kurtas- they're reasonably priced (compared to other caftans i.e. Calypso) and I hand wash them which is a plus. I really like the weight of the fabric in the summertime and at the beach - really light and comfortable- the colors/prints are great and they have a little beading detail at each of the corners at the hem. I love them!

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