This Week on The Skirted Round Table:: Design Industry Leader, Joe Ruggiero


You may remember Joe Ruggiero from his long lived, HGTV show, 'Homes Across America' or maybe you know Joe as a product designer, Broadcaster? Pitchman? over all Marketing Guru? Joe's done it all and he sits with us this week telling us about his path to such success as well as catching us up to date on what he's up to these days. I also toss the idea around with him of opening up a pop-up shop on Montana, here in L.A. His line of furniture and fabrics are both beautiful, well made and very reasonable. Definitely a niche to be filled these days.

I have to say, though, the best part of this chat is how contagious this avuncular man's zest for life is. The energy that he exudes is so positive that it's no wonder he's so accomplished. Come listen, at The Skirted Round Table.


Ivy Lane said…
"Homes Across America".... Great interview/discussion. I would love to see a "Joe" store pop up in Cleveland!!
thanks for the tip off. I'm heading over there to listen asap! Martine

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