Veronica Beard

I'd like to get Summer started before I have to start thinking about Fall. But, the fashion world is already cranking and preparing us for the season to come.  Loving the art direction of Veronica Beard's new Fall '11 campaign. The clothes, the styling, the photography, the LOCATION ( dying over the art in this Long Island home ) all of it. Shot by the always talented, Claiborne Swanson Frank


Want, need, love everything about this home, especially the art! Oh, and the clothes will do quite nicely too!
Ashley said…
However could I focus on the clothing when I'm so distracted by the location details? Beautiful, beautiful images!
Karena said…
Fabulous art and I love her new collection....

Art by Karena

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Peggy and Fritz said…
Ok Megan, you know I'm dying over that white living room UGH! Gorgeous. Ann
Sheila said…
That made me smile since as hot as fall can be in your area, the biggest fashion consideration could be whether a new bikini is needed to finish out the season. Hee! Cute girl!

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