I've been a wee bit under the weather this weekend so maybe why all of this fragile destruction appeals to me.

That, or it's just plain old cool idea. 

I'm amazed how these pieces, these vases and urns, have taken on a human quality. You almost wince while looking at them. 

Canadian artist, Laurent Craste has created this riveting range of designs in white porcelain, inlaid with a “weapon” " that has deformed during the latest phase of manufacture."


A.J.Barnes said…
Wow...those pieces are fantastic! I can't stop looking at them...

Anonymous said…
Where to buy. I want.

Karena said…
Fascinating works of art Megan! I agree with you and I think it is because they look to be in their pre-fired stage and natural.

Art by Karena

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Anonymous said…
I'm not sure I would put them in my home, but like a car accident, you cannot look away. They are fascinating.

I hope your week is looking up and you are back to feeling better soon.
Sheila said…
I don't want to get too serious about this, but I find these pieces really disturbing. I guess that's what are is sometimes, though.
Open House LLC said…
Ouch! It's lovely and ugly all at the same time.
Ron said…
I do not like it at all.
Anybody in their right decorative mind - like all interior design blog lovers- feels the abuse. It almost hurts to see things of beauty being massacered !
The violence in these 'art pieces' is too big for me.
The artist must have fallen out of ideas and had probably just watched a slasher movie.....
A big no no, for me.

Ron ( Empel collections) Creator of nice things.....
72 and sunny said…
JHG, pieces from the collection can be bought at the gallerie SAS, in Montreal. I think they begin at around $500.00 -$5k

I think the point of art (any kind - fashion, music, interiors...) is to evoke emotion one way or another.

Ron, I hear you. But does art always have to be 'pretty' and match the sofa?

Willem DeKooning painted, misogynistic images, which are considered by most as masterpieces and are seen in beautiful, well designed homes.

that said, art is subjective. I for one like the juxtaposition of ugly and beautiful, in the right space.
Cynthia said…
I particularly like the one with the nail.

julia wheeler said…
these are SO amazing... so expressive.

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