honeycomb hideout

With summer upon us, I'm starting to have dreams of little get-a-way forts like this. It was always my dream, when I lived in SF,  to get a little parcel of land in the wine country and build a canvas cabin or place a tricked-out Jet Stream, just for weekend down time from the electronics and a time for reconnection and reading....maybe a morning hike. Villa Else ( in the middle of the Søllerød Nature Reserve in Denmark ) would be perfection, if only it were a little closer to home.

Villa Else is owned by Henriette Willerup and Anton Greiffenberg.


Ana Degenaar said…
Oh yes, I can definitely see myself in there.
My DREAM is to gave a little get away! A place to go and just breath. Someday...One of these would most certailly do!
Have a pretty day!
What a gorgeous cabin. I dream of one like this by the coast.
Absolutely LOOOOOOVE this! I too have dreamed of owning such a place... To simplify would be such a breath of fresh air. Reposting but will link back to your blog. Thanks for the great post! xoxo, Jen
Sarah's Fab Day said…
This looks idyllic! Such a charming little getaway.
Rolerkite said…
I had to pinch myself, thought I was dreaming.
feiane (fe-yan) said…
this is so beautiful!.... thanks for posting it relaxes me.
Claudia Fabiana said…
Comfort and simplicity. I love it! Is that a dark navy blue in the first few pics, or black?
Stitchfork said…
Can picture myself kickin' back there!
xo Cathy
Flotsam Friends said…
I so need to live there. This is the most stunning house I've seen in a long time. Perfect in every way. How dreamy to have all that land around you and all that sun!! Pruxxx
What a great spot. I love how light and bright the inside is. All the homey details make it look like such a perfect getaway.

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