peace out

I have nothing to offer regarding the parallel of peacefulness and this image. I just think she's fantastic and had to share. From her pinkies to her scorpio necklace, she's the bomb dot com. Enjoy your weekend!

here's are a couple of  remixes to take you out ::

dinah washington by verve

Alice by pogo


Ana Degenaar said…
What a diva!

P.S. If you participated in this giveaway please leave your comment again. Blogger re-posted it without the comments. I apologize and thank you.
She is the bomb, great photo! Great weekend inspiration!!!
mary said…
Yes, she is pretty amazing. However, I think that Jones is more handsome than her blackie. Have a great week-end. Mary
Awesome, I have the miniature black poodle now all I need is some if that fierce style....working on it!
Unknown said…
She is fabulous! I love the hair, she would fit in so well here in Texas. I love the gray streaks.
Stitchfork said…
She's got attitude!
xo Cathy
she is flipping sensational, and i love the crazy paving too. brilliant.

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