peace out

Wiley Words. Location: Oxfordshire, England Photo: Tobias Reynolds
Take heed and proceed. Have a lazy weekend. See you next week.


DolceDreams said…
Love this!
Have a great weekend,
Karena said…
Megan indeed have a fabulous weekend with your wonderful family!!

Art by Karena

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You will love it!
Momdaw said…
Where in the heck do you find these??
Love this one!
Claudia Fabiana said…
I would love to live among the fox! Great photo!
design elements said…
lovely pic for a slow weekend...
Alexia said…
Stuff like this keeps me going.
HAHAHA! We need this sign in our neighborhood for all the teenage drivers!
Charlotta Ward said…

Also, loving the sound of the Finnish cream (above). Might have to get my Scandi paws on one of them so that I look fresh for the fake ID photo.. ;)

xx C

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