potty talk

This is a weird conversation, but in all of my life I've only had one bathroom which I loved. And I think that this is an important area. You should love your 'rest' room. Your bawth. Your potty.

Growing up, I shared one with my brother ( a great way to get your daughters used to the idea of co-habitating with a man ) in college, with 200 other girls ( and we had to yell 'flushing' if someone was simultaneously taking a shower )

Through the years of owning 5 houses I've had, among bland and boring, a dinky Water Closet, housing just the 'loo', the beloved old library in a turret that had been turned into a full bath, by the previous owner (this one I loved and felt like a princess when I got ready to go out) , the weird, too big and very ugly, remodeled bath that I'm in now, along with two smaller full baths, that are tiled with unforunate cheap tile with old shower stalls.

They need an overhaul. All 3 of them. But for now, I'm going to have to stick with paint, paper and accessories to make them fresh. Which got me to searching for images of bathrooms that have been made charming with a little color, textile and ingenuity....... 

I kinda like the idea of creating an art gallery in the toidy. (check out that awesome tile, above )

and Ruthie Sommer's just goes ahead and creates a scrapbook in hers. 

Wondering what to do with that 'Natural Curiosity Book' you bought 3 years ago and are done having to see it on your coffee table? Check out Steven Gambrel's solution.....

These look like linoleum to me, but that would be a great painted floor idea.

More stripes. This way and That way.


cool. A black bathroom? give me a break. It's so fabulous ( I believe this belongs to @simplyseleta )

 UH. SO, so lovely. All elegant and ghosty.

 You gotta love a bold move like this pink door and trim. And I'm always a fan of the Phillip Jeffries colored grass cloths.

 that Katie Ridder. She's pretty pitch perfect every time, in my song book.

Kate and Andy Spade's adorably smart and chic potty,  with Scalamandre's Zebra wallcovering in green. There's that back and white stripe again. hmmmm ....

Don't hold your breathe ( no pun intended ). I need to take down the Imperial Trellis, replace it  and recover 3 chairs  before I get to  this project. Sigh. The cobbler has no shoes. Nor time.


these are great! love the pretty lavender toile...and the kate spade paper..
Erik Perez said…
I LOVE the black one and the second one will all the pictures... I need to make mine look worthy of your blog :)
Silver Magpies said…
That's a great gallery of looks to inspire. The aqua tile in photo #2 immediately caught my attention.
Yes, I tend to make a Gallery and an Atrium out the Powder room.

Paintings and photos are of or by Family.

The only wedding photo, framed and out on display, sets between my sink, and my Kahuna's sink; and so we are the only two who see it. And that is good reminding.

DolceDreams said…
These are FABULOUS! Now I want to re-do mine...that black one is to die for, who would've thought?? I wonder how your skin tone would look though, I'd have to have another bathroom to get ready in ...
ooooh great WC's! Think the black & white horizontal stripes and the pink - Keep Calm and Carry On are my faves!
Elle said…
I love the first one the best "You look marvelous!" Love it!
mary said…
I love the Katie Ridder bathroom--that mirror is to die for. But I have usually had a art gallery (print gallery) bathroom. Next bath will probably be filled with nude sketches.
Stacy CUrran said…
OMG!!! I ADORE the gray bathroom - it looks like chalk paint by Annie Sloan!
Market Decor said…
I love the "unexpected" in a bathroom - framed art, knockout wallpaper, cool lightfixtures, a furniture piece, etc... Fun looking at these bathrooms, thanks!

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