savage beauty

really, just, wow.  

So creepy - beautiful. Poetry as fashion. 

Especially the raven body cast......

 When I think of Alexander McQueen, I'm reminded that individual self expression comes in so many forms, whether it be fashion, interior design, pen to paper or whatever. None of it frivolous all of it a necessary part of social and human evolution.

Savage Beauty,” a retrospective of Alexander McQueen’s two decades in fashion, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Something not to miss if you're in NYC.

There's a great video over at the New Yorker covering this retrospective with Judith Thurman narrating. check it out.


Unknown said…
I must admit that this looks really very beautiful. The only question I would have is where all these feathers are coming from. Most fashion people do not care about spending a creature's life for their creations. It would be an abomination for me if a single bird has given its life for this - then the beauty would degenerate into a disgusting frivolity. I think the question where the resources come from is highly applicable in today's world where anything is sacrificed for the pleasure of a few.
Anonymous said…
Magnificent. Creepy cool.

I agree "poetry as fashion," or it can also be fashion as poetry.
72 and sunny said…
Petra, thank you for bringing that up. It's definitely a perspective that should be taken into consideration. I wonder, if he considered the disgusting frivolity into the art. It's one of the reasons that the pieces ARE so emotionally arresting. And the fact that evokes feelings at all, good or bad, makes it something of value.
I think the body suits created with the feathers, are both beautiful and disgusting and make me consider the whole concept of using fur, or anything other animal product in the name of fashion.
I'm glad you gave this a voice.
Charlotta Ward said…
It's eerie somehow and a reflection of his powerful yet possibly disturbed mind. I say this only in context of his suicide and all that was revealed after.
He was a genius though and I absolutely adore his eye for design. Like you say it is art and the female body is his canvas. Amazing!

x Charlotta
Oooh.... and Aahhhh...and Applause.

mary said…
I, too, wonder at the use of feathers. But the images are wonderful. I am not so sure that animals raised for their pelts in good humane conditions where their needs and comfort requirements are met and humanely killed should be lumped together with trapped or hunted animals. Fur, after all, is the oldest clothing used by humans.
Richie Designs said…
I want to see this show SO BAD!! there will never be fashion shows like that again

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