do the math



plus this:

paint store

almost equals this:

via: waterleaf interiors

 I mean, nothing beats Red Egg for the perfect lacquered woven piece- hands down, one of my personal go-tos.  But if it doesn't fit your budget, this is a close facsimile. God I love my can of turquoise spray paint........... And ebay, on the rare occasion I can get a deal.


Karena said…
Well I say perfect! I love your version Megan!

Art by Karena
Katy said…
Oh my goodness, i just bought this exact chair at a second hand place and am having a cushion make in a china seas zigzag print to put on my screened in porch - thanks for the turquoise inspiration!
Flotsam Friends said…
Hi Megan, I'm loving that colour too. Yep, Ebay can be so, so satisfying. Will stop by that link now. Pruxxx
FlirtyGems said…
So in love with this idea. I will be searching to recreate this beauty for sure!
Oh my... I love! I also love valspars white laquer in a spray can! Oh the things I could paint... I think Red Egg is great but your alternate is awesome! ...-Ann
Carol Gregg said…
great find on ebay! thanks for the mention and photo from waterleaf. i love your blog, simple and fresh, keep up the good work.
carol gregg
red egg
I love your post! I am one of those who is total in favor of "transformations & imitations" in a budget!

Good luck painting your chair!

Lisa Gabrielson said…
You're a girl after my own heart. Great research!

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