an evening at Almont Yard with Amanda Nisbet's new lighting collection

Photo of Parrish Chilcoat and Joe Lucas by Stephanie Keenan

Last night Joe Lucas & Parrish Chilcoat hosted a beautiful cocktail party at the home of their showroom, Harbinger, in Almont Yard. The guests of honor were designer, Amanda Nisbet and her new lighting collaboration with Urban Electric Company. Party goers dined on yummy pass arounds (dollops of parmesan topped with grilled shrimp served up in a miso spoon was my favorite) and summer drinks complete with red striped paper straws.

The collection, a clever mix of whimsical and classic, modern and traditional, was beautifully curated on Chinese screens, standing sentry, illluminating the corners of the courtyard.

To see more of the collection visit Urban Electric Co.


Erik Perez said…
It was so much fun going with you to this :)
Design Elements said…
love the mix of whimsical and classic
72 and sunny said…
We always have fun, don't we? xoxo
Notcathy said…
The modern and classic are great combination in terms of interior designs.. :)
What great silhouettes and colors. I love that they are fun, but still have a polished, delicate look.

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