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Oh food trucks, it must be tough having to be more special than the last guy. You've sold us your gourmet ice creams, your Vietnamese sandwiches, your Korean bbq. You've tricked out your trucks to look vintage, urban, hip (although my favorite look is still the one that pulls up,at noon, to the house being built down the street ). It's a tough world out there in the Mobile Cuisine mob scene. 

Here's an idea that I have yet to see around these parts. The HMS Flake is the first amphibian ice cream truck, or so claims UK based, Fredrick's ice cream.  

We need some of these around these parts. What surfer wouldn't want a grilled cheese, cupcake, slice of pizza- brought out to him/her while waiting for the next set.

via: design boom


Silver Magpies said…
Wow that takes it to a new level! Have you ever had a flake?? mmmmmm
Paula Masterman said…
We need one at Trinity Lake! You find the best stuff, ((Megan))
Love to you and the family,
Auntie Paula
Anonymous said…
That looks like something the Top Gear guys would go for!

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