Interviewed by local Manhattan Beach Blogger, 'Beach City Life Style'

When I started blogging, I think, that I thought I'd be posting a lot more on the beach area in which I live. It didn't really turn out that way.  I've always espoused to the rule that when you're stumped for a post idea," look where you live". But as my mind wanders through the warrens of the interenet, I tend to forget that right out my front door, are some the most charming of shops and site seeing in the nation. 

From Beach City Life Style
I do post bits and pieces on beach living but tend to stray, not surprisingly, as linear thinking has never been my strong point. Last week, I was contacted via twitter by a local blogger, here in Manhattan Beach, who has started a blog dedicated to living in the 'South Bay'. She's the much better blogger to do this than I, as she's a native of the area. I'm merely a transplant who dreams of someday moving back to San Francisco's, city living. Teri highlights local businesses, people, homes and has a great sense of style herself. Check out her recently remodeled kitchen below:

 Last week she treated me to a bowl of coffee at a local French Bistro - seriously, that's how they were serving it -and I think I'll grab that idea and go. Made me feel very chic and Trans-Atlantic. We had a great hour of gab and followed it up with an interview.  If you'd like to read the interview, hop over to her blog,  Beach City Life Style

And if you've read enough about me, still go over there and get a visual tour of our picture perfect beach towns. 


Claudia Fabiana said…
You both have really fun blogs!

Ciao from down the coast in Newport!
vicki archer said…
Loved your interview Megan....xv

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