it's in the bag

you need this bag.

I stumbled into American Apparel the other day with my 13 year old. The store has long lost its cool factor with me for a couple of reason: The High Creep Factor of , teri richardson & dov charney did it for me (it bugs me a bit, to even endorse their product) . And also, too, at my age and juncture in life, the 'roller girl'  look isn't going to be happening any time soon. Nay. I shall not be sporting a hot pink, satin body suit and side pony tail in a scruntchie, no matter how much you want me to. (And you know you sorta want to see that)

However, I did find one of my favorite accessories of the season! and I have to share it- because it's a find at 60.00 something dollars. The oversized clutch that comes in a bunch of awesome colors. I bought one that's very ralph lauren, saddle leather in color. But I'm thinking  I may need one in 'nude' or a pastel for the summer.

I'm told, by those trusty young fashion bloggers, that these are a knock-off of a Ce´line and Comme de Garcon bags seen at fashion week ( i live at the beach, and wear havianas all day. what would I know)


I just know, they add a little updated chic to any outfit from cutoffs in the day to palazzo pants at night. And as an added bonus, I found a DIY project over at Just B. Those Clever little fashion bloggers on small budgets can be so resourceful.


I'm thinking someone needs to 'tag' one of these bags. a la LV. If I do, I'll def. let you know how that goes.


Claudia Fabiana said…
I love the black and the yellow ones, and of course, the LV would be nice to have too!

ciao ! !
melifaif said…
Yes...apparently any one who is ANYONE has one of those. They are snazzy....
cecilia said…
megan, great price for that oversized clutch. I have this one:

and I really LOVE it! It's the same idea - but in a really great leather!
72 and sunny said…
fabiana, yes! the yellow is beautiful. and I may have to get black for winter

Melifaif- who knew?! I just feel terribly chic when carrying it. and for $60ish's a winner

Cecilia- that bag is beautiful! and really not that bad of a price point for good leather. thanks!
Karena said…
Megan I really love this bag I can't decide which color yet, hmm.

Come and enter my amazing $250 Giveaway from Tracy Porter!

Art by Karena
Life of Style said…
yes, I do need that bag so thank you so much for the great resource! Happy Weekend!
Sarah's Fab Day said…
I haven't seen it either because I don't ever venture into American Apparel either (for the same reasons). I really like it and I think it may just end up in my closet this weekend, in fact I always love all of your handbag choices so thanks..

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