A little lilly for your pad

A friend of mine, who has just moved into a large beach home from a smaller cottage, and is in need of a some more furniture, sent me over some tear sheets of the new Lilly Pulitzer furniture line. I  was a bit skeptical, I must admit. I've worn the bright colored Lilly frocks throughout my life as have my girls, love the look - but furnishing? hmmm. This could be a risky business move for them.

photo via Neiman Marcus

When I popped open the jpegs that she shared with me, I was not only pleasantly surprised but sort of impressed. My first thought was, 'these would work for great for shots of color in a room'.

photo via Neiman Marcus

I think, however, an entire room filled with these, could look juvenile. I love the punched up sherbets (although not with plaid wallpaper) but I'd want to use restraint, as this could go comical quickly.

via Neiman Marcus

 As I scrolled through, I realized that in keeping with the Palm Beach Lilly theme, they have included other classically inspired pieces. a little Chinese Chippendale here,  a touch of neo-classical there and even a tasseled, Hollywood regency vibe is represented.

by the way, check out how clever this idea is:

via Neiman Marcus

the below bench would look great at the end of a bed. I'm picturing a great China Seas fabric on that cushion.

via Horchow

You know what else is nice about this line, is that it's an accessible, seemingly ( I haven't seen them in person )  well made resource for knock-offs of all of those enviable 'found' pieces seen throughout the blog world and on digi mags ; those fortuitously found local thrift store or flea treasures that seem to be completely elusive to most  of us - Unless you're Meg or Eddie-equipped with an innate homing device for such treasures. If you're on the hunt, you'll spend years trying to track them down, if at all.

Both of us, singled out the O'Hara bar cart as a priority. Because you know, a house is not a home if it's not ready to entertain friends.

Some of the line can be found at Neiman's and Horchow but the entire collection  will be available at the Lilly Pulitzer, Palm Avenue life style shop in Raleigh, NC.  Road Trip anyone?


katiedid said…
Yup. A dash here or there....it is definitely a line that would play well with friends
Unknown said…
Love this~ Please post pics of said beach home when you can? Currently landlocked and need me some beach beauty STAT.
Fun pieces, so loving the yellow stools!
Unknown said…
Love some hot color popped about a room. These would do just fine.
northsidefour said…
Ladie's locker room at MHCC, with the stairs down to the pool. I think this was all there.
Peggy and Fritz said…
First thing my eye went to was the bar cart. Good call. Who knew Lilly had it in her.
BootyBoot said…
those green chairs are pretty fantastic.

please check out my fashion/art/design blog Here
S said…
The ottoman is such a agreat idea!
ooo love surprises like this- the interior of that pouf is fantastic! :)

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