My friend, neighbor and fellow blogger, Ann, of Peggy & Fritz, sent me this craig's list find today- *click*:

Neither of us have a need for them, nor have room to store them  ( I have 27 chairs at last count in my storage unit )  but somebody must.  Total deal: $350.00 for the pair. 

If I bought these I'd do something like, cover them in a melon pink silk or linen like this fabric:

but with white piping and a monogram maybe.

 Or perhaps a soft sea glass green with the white piping, or navy and white. So many possibilities. Somebody needs to scoop these orphans up and make them their own. here's the link.


benson said…
you're a chair pimp. wish I lived closer to grab them.
eileen said…
You have 27 chairs in your storage unit? Wow. Thank you so much for that. Next time my niece comes over, looks around and says, "Honey, you're a chair whore," I will think of this post and be reassured by the excellent company I am keeping.
does betty ford have a 'craig's list' patient center? if so, i'm making an appointment for ann.
that woman is obsessed! sudoku, chardonnay, double-stuffed oreos....she needs to find a less expensive binge.
weekend happy miss megan.

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