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photo credit:: Letty @freefalling

daaaang, but it's cold here in L.A. The kinda cold where your nose is sniffling as the sea breeze gusts from the West at 4 o'clock and you tighten your collar against the cold. It's 'summer' right?

 One of my fondest memories of living in Boston is walking through the North End in the steamy summer night, past old Italian guys on their lawn chairs in front of red brick buildings, the tinny sound of the Sox on their transistors wafting through the blue smoke of  their Swisher Sweets.   ahhh,  summer.

 I'm waiting for these front-porch-woven-foldy-chair-kind-of-evenings. I hope they come soon because I love nothing better than a beach summer in 'Lay. yo.


L said…
I love Boston and miss living there too...though I doubt its that steamy summer up there yet. You'll have to go south for that. Have a great weekend!
cecilia said…
Megan, My favorite thing too! I lived in the North End for 5 years, and loved the little old Italian ladies who sat in their lawn chairs charging $1.00 for a Dixie cup of lemonade.
I am waiting too! I hear a rumor warm weather is coming today...simply love warm weather and hot summer nights!
Enjoy your weekend, Janell
Peggy and Fritz said…
Megan I hear what your saying. I'm sitting at my desk working with a space heater and a sweater on. I'd rather have the fan on and sweating. I miss Beantown - lived there for 10 years and yes, I was one of those people in my lawn chair outside and many times we sat outside and bbqed on our little hibachi's on the fire escape. I miss city living sometimes.
Anonymous said…
I have never been to Boston, but I have always imagined it the way you described it in your post here.

If you are willing to hop on a one hour flight to Phoenix, the weather is a lovely 90-something degrees :p It is only hot for us when it is past 120.
Elle said…
This photo reminds me of growing up... Is this a vintage chair or are they reproducing these bad boys now? Crazy to think about days gone by.
Open House LLC said…
This Seattle girl does not feel one bit sorry for you. Summer comes to Seattle for a month in August.
freefalling said…
I hate to tell you this - but that photo was taken in the dead of winter.
I am an expert in sitting in the warm winter sun like a lizard.
Nothing like an Australian winter!
72 and sunny said…
nothing like boston in the summer! except when it gets muggy. I can do without that part.

freefalling- thank you for letting me use your gorgeous photo!

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