spare me.

Before you kick it to the curb, try a little spray therapy. 

The inspiration:

the offending party:
Which actually looks nice in this photo. In real life, the frame is having a 90s Indonesian 'Moment'. Fake orangey distressing and all.

spray, spray, spray 


Try as I might, I couldn't get the color right in this photo. It's actually the color of the inspiration photo. And it's really cute. Much cuter than before.

Off to find what else I can spray I mean, spare.


"David Hicks is on the phone for you"

Do It Yourself. Customized, designer, wallpaper for your iphone.

1) search on your iphone browser for the wallpaper you want. I searched 'david hicks, Clarence house'
2) choose images and click on the image you want to enlarge to full screen.
3) hold the dimpled button and the on-off button on the top right similtaneously until you hear it 'photograph' the screen. 
4) go into 'Settings' - 'Wallpaper' and choose the photo from your 'Camera Roll'.

easy peasy. Also, it's like my on-line shopping trick: buy it, stick it in your 'shopping cart' and then leave it for a few days. I usually feel the itch satiated.  This keeps me from buying the real thing at every whim to change out a fabric or wall around here. Something I'd be doing every month if allowed.


katiedid said…
Spray paint....a girl's best friend. I have to get an iPhone.
Anonymous said…
would LOVE to know what color spray paint you used. looks so great!
Anonymous said…
would LOVE to know what color spray paint you used. looks fabulous!
Unknown said…
I am a firm believer in spray paint! It has helped me meet so many design deadlines I think your blog is wonderful.
Jane Coslick
Emily said…
This is such a great idea, and I love the bright color of the frame. It's fun to give old things a second chance.
mary said…
I do this same thing when I'm shopping on-line: I put the object of desire into the cart and wait until I'm a little less hungry. Usually, I do not buy the item, but sometimes, it keeps calling to me.
72 and sunny said…
thanks you guys! Miller, I just used Rustoleum's 'Aqua'
a friend of mine used 'Lagoon' but I felt it wasn't zingy enough. I think if you're going to do it, make it vibrate!
Susan Windsor Jones said…
Great tips all around. I just bought a couple of slightly rusty black "Bertoia-ish" patio chairs at a garage sale. Rustoleum's Aqua would be perfect.
Julie said…
Beautiful job on the mirror! I love the color you chose. So bright and lively!
i love my new beautiful background screen on my phone! thanks!
Zakary said…
LOVE it.

I just used the Aqua on my sconces and on a chalkboard!
Anonymous said…
Where did you get that mirror

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